Regency Baptist Church / Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church, Orangevale, California
Sunday School 9:45 AM
Sunday Morning Service 11:00 AM
Sunday Night Service 6:30 PM
Wednesday Night Service 7:00 PM
Saturday Soulwinning 10:00 AM
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6930 Hazel Avenue, Orangevale, CA 95662
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Church Ministries
Bus Ministry
Not everyone has a vehicle and can get to church. Consequently, RBC has an absolutely wonderful ministry that we call The Bus Ministry. Our buses go out each week and provide free transportation to and from church! If you or your children would like a ride to church on one of our buses, please contact us and let us know.

Soul Winning
In the Book of Acts, the believers went house to house giving out the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here at Regency, we are striving by God's Grace to follow their example, and as a result, each week you will find our people out knocking on doors telling people of Jesus. We call this Soul Winning, and those who do it are called Soul Winners. You may have gotten to this Web Page through one of the Gospel tracts that one of our Soul Winners handed to you. We love you and want you to know Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

The goal of our missions program is 3-fold. Ecclesiastes 4:12 states, "...a threefold cord is not easily broken." Consequently, we financially support the printing of the King James Bible, the sending of Missionaries to preach God's Word and establish local churches, and the recording and printing of Christ-honoring music. RBC has an amazing Faith Promise Missions Program that God has used to see that this 3-fold cord has remained strong.

Christian School
Regency Baptist Academy is our Christian school. Our academy is open to our church families and churches of like faith and practice. Any student accepted for enrollment in RBA must be a member in good standing with an Independent Fundamental King James Bible Believing Baptist Church and have the full recommendation of his/her Pastor. Our school provides a Christian educational environment for grades K through 12th. Find out more about RBA by visiting the school web site at
Adult Sunday School
We offer several adult classes for you to choose from. These include New Believers Classes and Young Couples Class as well as the Auditorium Class. Each class provides a wonderful setting for everyone who attends to learn God's Word together. Sunday School is not just for kids, it's for everyone. Everyone needs to learn the Bible, so we are praying that you will come soon to Sunday School.

Youth Group
Our teen ministry is a tremendous opportunity for young people. Exciting and fun Youth Activities are consistently planned. Our youth are also taken each year to Youth Conferences and Church Camp as well as given many opportunities to be Soul Winners and be involved in the service of the Lord. Our Youth Pastor, AJ Nichols is a powerful preacher to teenagers and has an intense desire to reach young people with God's Word as a foundation for their lives. The entire Youth Program is centered on that desire and goal.

Children's Ministries
At Regency, we offer a variety of children's activities throughout the year. Our children's ministries provide fun in a structured environment. There is literally always something going on at RBC for our children. In addition to the weekly and monthly activities for our children, in the summer months there is Vacation Bible School as well as Bible Camp.

Our Nursery Director, Mrs. Rachelle Bird does an incredible job with our nurseries. Along with all of the ladies of RBC, the nurseries are always kept clean and organized and provide a safe environment for our babies to be cared for during all of our services. The nursery is also provided during Sunday School and any special Church services we might have. There is no charge to have your child cared for in the the nursery.